Ibanez electric guitars history and models.

Ibanez electric guitars were first produced as copies of already famous instruments and then became reference points for musicians all over the world. Although you’re sure to be familiar with Fender electric guitars, don’t miss the chance to learn more about this Japanese brand. Its history began in 1908, with a company called Hoshino, which began as a store and distributor of musical instruments in Nagoya, Japan. From this point on it continued with the distribution of classic guitars under the name Ibanez, from which it officially took its name in the mid-60s. On this page you can read about it:

  1. Ibanez Electric Guitars since 1908.
  2. Signature models including Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert.
  3. Ibanez J Custom excellence Made in Japan.
  4. Ibanez electric guitars since 1908.

About 30 years ago Ibanez opened an office in Philadelphia to facilitate distribution in the United States. Many of these quality but very cheap Ibanez electric guitars were copies of famous models from other manufacturers. In fact at that time many American musical instruments were in a period of price increase and these copies were enjoying a good market.

But making copies wasn’t enough and Ibanez started making his first models, some of which are still highly valued by collectors today, like the Iceman model, made famous by Paul Stanley of Kiss.

In 1976 the era of copies ended definitively when one of the major American guitar manufacturers called Ibanez, which had however become an innovative company and was aiming at its original production.

Signature models including Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert

Since the mid 80’s with the growing interest in rock guitars, Ibanez has collaborated with guitarists such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert, and has made Ibanez JEM, RG and S models. Today’s versions of these models are still considered standards in hard rock and instrumental music.

Among the signature Ibanez guitars there are also the George Benson, Pat Metheny and recently also the new semi-acoustic John Scofield model. Visit the official Ibanez website to find out more.

Ibanez J Custom Excellence Made in Japan

Examples of excellence in construction and sound performance are the Ibanez J Custom. The top of the Made in Japan production, exclusive models created in limited numbers by the best master luthiers. Prestigious materials and craftsmanship allow to have in your hands a unique instrument with an exceptional sound.

New ones are scheduled for March 2018 here at Musicarte. One of the models you will find will be the RG8570MW-NT NATURAL made in limited edition. Follow our blog to stay updated.

If you don’t want an electric ibanez guitar you can also find some acoustics or semi-acoustic guitars. An acoustic ibanez guitar can also be found in the left-handed version. View all Ibanez guitars available for sale from the Musicarte Store. Ask Andrea in the guitar department for all the info and prices you need. You can also buy with exchange of your used instrument and take advantage of the payment in installments at zero interest.

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