A few tips on head amps and guitar case.

If you’re about to choose your first amp, or if you already have clear ideas, you’ve certainly seen a guitar head and speaker. As always, if you’re looking for advice, always think about what kind of sound you need. You’ll find valve heads or digital heads and separate speakers that emit the sound. That’s the main difference with guitar combo amps. So here’s what we’re going to look at:

  1. Amp head what you need.
  2. Guitar tube heads.
  3. 2×12 guitar cabinet.
  4. Amp head what you need.

What is an amp head for? To amplify the signal emitted by your electric guitar. In fact, the vibration of the strings is captured by the pickups and transmitted through a jack cable to the electric circuit of the head, here the sound is amplified and then transmitted to the speaker.

The speaker has cones that finally allow you to listen to what we played. According to the different characteristics of the headboard and the speaker, the electric impulse takes on its own flavour. The various combinations allow you to get as close as possible to the sound you are looking for.

Guitar tube head.

A guitar tube head is absolutely ideal for a vintage sound, and has been used by many guitarists. The sound goes through valves that give it warmth and dynamics. They have a lot of power that can be used on large stages at maximum volume and have to be connected to a case. Many of these heads have their own specific sound that has made them famous. If you look at a 30 watt valve head the Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special is a Class A 2 channel, four EL84 valve head with a “Cocoa Bronco” vinyl finish and is a very prestigious solution. The new Hotone Nano Legacy budget tube heads are fantastic to sound interesting without spending too much money.

Digital cartridges need less maintenance, there is no need to replace the tubes when you finish, they have less power but a more precise sound, ideal for studio recordings or practice. They can be simply connected to a mixer or directly to a speaker. They can be very versatile and able to adapt their sound to the most varied situations. A Kemper Profiler Power Head is the most modern and innovative solution, with profiled sounds, compact and easily transportable.

2×12 guitar cabinet.

The speaker is the part where the sound can be heard, let’s see what are the main features. A 2×12 guitar cabinet means that it is a speaker with two 12″ cones inside. These cones receive the electric impulse transmitted by the head, and by vibrating they generate the real sound. There are guitar cabinets with one, two or even four cones. The closed back models produce a more defined and precise sound, but without reaching the same level of ptency as the open back speakers. There are also different types of cones that contribute to give their nuance to the sound. The larger the cone, the more the low frequencies will be amplified, while the smaller the cone, the more the high frequencies will be preferred.

Ask the department for all the info you need on head amps and guitar speakers. From Musicarte you can buy with payment in installments at zero interest and giving in exchange your used one. Don’t forget to take a look at our section of used products guaranteed 1 year, you may find the used guitar tube head you were looking for at an affordable price.

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