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If you’ve chosen to play the electric 4-string bass guitar, you’re an elected one. You didn’t choose him, but he actually chose you.

The 4-string bass is a noble instrument that acts as a link between the harmonic and the rhythmic part of a band.

The groove, the pressing rhythm that makes you clap your foot and move your head, is always given by the excellent mix between drums and bass.

Maybe among the instruments that are often less evident and less easy to hear for an inexperienced ear, but certainly of great impact, without which every arrangement would not turn.

Also called guitar-bass, it differs from the first for the number of strings, in this case 4 and for the thickness of the strings as well as the greater length of the neck.

The Invention of the Electric Bass guitar

The first mass-produced electric 4-string bass guitar was developed by the legendary electronic engineer, inventor and maker of electric guitars, Leo Fender, in the early 1950s.

A vertical electric bass guitar had already existed since the mid-thirties and was invented by musician and inventor Paul Tutmarc in Seattle but we can no doubt say that the electric bass guitar was cleared through customs by Leo Fender himself.

The electric bass guitar represents a radical turning point in the musical panorama, providing the band’s accompaniment section with a more transportable instrument, and much easier to amplify than the double bass.

The presence of the keys also facilitates the accuracy of intonation, hence the name “Precision Bass” of the first bass produced by Leo Fender.

The use of a magnetic pickup associated with the solid body allows the 4-string bass to be easily amplified. Bass amplification has evolved to produce amplifiers capable of delivering several hundred watts.

The development

The 1951 Fender Precision Bass 4-stringed bass was the first to be put on the market. With a four-pin single coil pickup and a flat, angular body.

In 1954 the body was beveled and rounded to improve ergonomics. In 1957, the pickup was replaced with a humbucker split coil.

The pickguard underwent substantial modifications, as did the dustpan.

This 1957 model became a standard in the music industry and for all bass players, and is still available on the market.

A similar, but revised and modified model is the Fender Jazz Bass, which was introduced in 1960 as the Deluxe model.

Following in Leo Fender’s footsteps, other musical instrument industries, such as Gibson, Danelectro and many others, began production of custom electric bass versions.

The double bass thus became obsolete in many musical genres, leaving room for the more compact electric bass, which allowed the bassist better agility on stage, and solved amplification problems.

4 String Bass Guitar

The electric bass can have so many shapes. Surely the most famous and well-known are those of the Jazz Bass and Precision Bass from Fender; the Stingray from Music Man and the 4003 series from Rickenbacker.

You can find your 4-string electric bass among a multitude of shapes and colors available.

If you think choosing one is difficult, don’t be afraid! We at Musicarte are here to help you find the right one for you.

You have the chance to find your instrument among all those we have available, among the best brands on the market.

For example, the best 4-string electric bass guitar for many is the Fender, be it Jazz or Precision, while for many others the best electric bass is like Music Man or Warwick.

Others prefer instruments with an all-Japanese precision like Ibanez or Yamaha.

We will also be happy to advise you on the purchase according to the directions you give us, whether you are a professional or a novice.

Used Electric Bass Guitar

In addition to the new we have a well-stocked department where you can also find the used 4-string bass guitar that suits you.

For each model we take care to carefully describe its condition and to photograph in detail any defects as well as to review and guarantee it.

Everything to allow you to view it almost as if you were here in the shop with us and decide for yourself if it may be the opportunity you are looking for and above all to be calm about the operation and warranty.

Every used 4-string bass guitar that we put on sale, in addition to enjoying the Musicarte warranty of 12 months, is subject to control and review by our expert Claudio.

And ‘available, even for your used electric 4-string bass guitar, a convenient payment in installments with zero interest financing and you can give in exchange your used to take other products.


Do you really want to buy a new Electric 4-String Bass Guitar? Prices and special conditions are always waiting for you in our store.

New tools on promotional offer, Ex-Demo or B-Stock products in perfect condition but displayed or tested at trade shows and showrooms.

Used electric basses guaranteed and serviced at exceptional prices. The one thing you don’t have to worry about when choosing an electric bass guitar?

Prices and offers are the order of the day here at Musicarte Store.Possibility of extensions at reduced rates and use discount coupons both online and in store.

Fender Electric Bass Guitars

To begin the path that will lead you to play your bass guitar, always keep in mind your style and the music genre you prefer.

But you can also choose according to the characteristics of the instrument:

  • type and number of pickups;
  • the wood used for the fingerboard or neck;
  • passive or active electronics.

And the other features of electric bass that can make all the difference to the sound in your head.

For example, the new FenderAmerican Professional Precision 4-string electric bass has a ‘Deep C’ shaped neck like the ’63.

While the Jazz Basses use a smoother ‘Modern C’ profile for faster flowing.

If the eye wants its part too, let’s not overlook the aesthetics. As for the colour of the leotard, the headstock, a classic or particular shape.

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