Amplified Acoustic speakers, active speakers, active speakers, stage monitors.

If you are part of a group, organize events, DJ Sets or Pianobar and Karaoke nights you probably need or need amplified speakers.

In the panorama of amplification from Live, however, the offer is very wide.

If you are not particularly skilled we can be confused in the choice of the most suitable amplified speakers for us.

That’s why below you’ll find a mini guide to the main parameters to consider.

Amplified Speakers Or Passive Speakers?

Are you choosing as amplification system in this case Active Speakers or Amplified Speakers or Passive Speakers?

Consider your Live amplification system as a big Hi-Fi system that will amplify the signals that will be heard by more people in an indoor or outdoor environment.

For this reason the sound front for many, if not the majority of applications is represented by at least 2 amplified speakers

In case there is a need to further extend the low frequency range of our amplified speakers.

In this case, then we would need to add subwoofers to our system configuration.

Also amplified in this case, which will only reproduce the low frequencies and guarantee even more quality listening.

The subs also increase the sound pressure and the performance of our whole system.

Active Speaker

What power do I need? Depends on the situation.

It would seem to be the most trivial answer, but the choice of the power of the active box that will form the amplification system, depends on what we need to amplify and where.

Very generically let’s say that the more watts the amplifier has on board the active box, the higher will be the sound pressure level (SPL) generated by the loudspeaker.

Without going into technical detail and for simplicity we divide into 3 macro-categories:

Small enclosed spaces or small outdoor audiences – Wattage required 50-200W Rms for each speaker (at least 2) – Optional Subwoofer

Medium Enclosed spaces or intermediate outdoor stalls (max200 people) – Wattage required 200-500W Rms for each speaker (at least 2) – Optional subwoofer (recommended of equal power).

Medium-Large Outdoor Spaces (more than 200 people) – Minimum Wattage 500W Rms for each speaker (at least 2) – Warmly recommended subwoofer (of equal power).

The active speaker can have a speaker of variable diameter from 6″ up to 15″: the bigger the woofer the more the speaker will be rich in low frequencies.

Usually, however, selecting a cone gradually larger the level of detail on the midrange frequencies becomes lower.

This obviously depends on the intrinsic characteristics of the speaker and the components that are mounted in it.

Amplified Speakers For Dj

For a DJ set, for example, or to amplify a complete group, we recommend the 15″, especially if we do not have a subwoofer available.

For an active speaker that instead press more frequencies of vocals or acoustic instruments recommended 10″ or 12″.

If we want to match our speakers with a subwoofer we consider that the offer starts from about 12″ up to 21″.

In this case it is preferable to select a sub with a slightly larger cone than our speakers for timbre reasons.

For example, if we have a pair of 10″ speakers, it is preferable to match a sub of at least 12″ or even better and recommended a 15″.

With a pair of 15″ satellites, an 18″ sub is preferable.

P.A. Systems Compact, Combo Voice Amplifiers

Alternative Solutions? Other solutions are compact PA systems.

Among these certainly interesting are the compact vertical arrays proposed for example by RCF, FBT, MONTARBO, PROEL, TOPP PRO and others.

They not only combine high quality timbre but also guarantee high transportability and low weight.

The proposed structure is usually that of a Mini Array SUB + SATELLITE with design features derived from large arrays.

These are used for example in big concerts in stadiums where the effectiveness of the system is guaranteed even with single speakers that are not necessarily big cut.

In this section you will also find amplified speakers or active battery powered speakers for use without the mains power supply.

Speakers with built-in media player, Speakers with radio microphone kit included and also Speakers with LEDs to illuminate the performance.

Used Amplified Speakers

In our store you will also find a very wide selection of used amplified speakers, which are completely overhauled and guaranteed for 12 months.

We do this to give maximum reliability at a very competitive price.

This is to allow those who have to buy their first voice amplification system or for the band to start with a much lower budget.

If you already have a pair of speakers or a complete system and want to improve it by replacing or expanding it, you can choose from our many offers.

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