Aguilar bass amplifiers: heads, speakers, pedals and pickups.

Aguilar bass amplifiers has dedicated itself to the development of technological processes for the creation of excellent equipment for bass players. By designing and building heads, speakers, preamps, pickups and pedal effects, it helps to support every aspect of bass guitar sound. For each product she builds she confronts the real world, in tune with the music scene. Within Aguilar there are bassists and engineers, who start with the needs of the player and move on to conscious experts. The improvement is continuous and helps to provide you with products that are always up to date. The amplifiers, along with speakers and pedals, can be found on concert stages and in recording studios around the world. Pickups and preamps have become an integral part of the sound of the world’s best bass players. Adam Clayton from U2 or SATURNINO from Jovanotti and Soleluna Lab, just to say a couple of names.

Aguilar Amplifiers

Attention, we are not talking about Aguilar Assassin’s Creed! We’re talking about Aguilar bass amplifiers. These instruments are divided into three main series. AG SERIES: Big bass, high saturation level. TONE HAMMER SERIES: powerful, portable, flexible, the classic Aguilar sound in a compact stand. DB SERIES: a hybrid headboard with a huge tube sound, which has been able to hit the stages since 2009.

Aguilar AG 700

The Aguilar AG 700 has the same transparency, dynamics and speed of response as the legendary AG 500. Great bass and high saturation. This solid state amplifier delivers 700 watts at 4 ohms while remaining at a low weight of 2.22 kg. Boasting a large EQ section, the AG 700 has treble, mid-range, mid-bass and bass controls, plus Deep and Bright switches expand all possibilities. A range of loop effects, XLR connection and speakON are also available.

Aguilar 4×10 Speaker

Aguilar bass speakers can be either SL Series or DB Series. The SL Series is the first series of lightweight speakers that do not compromise sound. They represent the new Aguilar sound path with neodymium magenetides and personal crosovers. These speakers are a blend of modern technology and classic atmosphere. An example of an Aguilar 4×10 speaker is definitely the SL 410X.

The DB Series features speakers with aggressive mid-range frequencies, to go out even among the loudest band, keeping the sound that distinguishes Aguilar. Built with 13 layers of Baltic Birch, Eminence magnets, these speakers have a clean sound, with defined mids, extended highs and lows. Available in five different colors.

Aguilar Pick up Bass

Whether you’re looking for a vintage sound or a very modern sound, the Aguilar pick up bass could be the perfect choice for your bass guitar. Each pickup has a string by string balance and consistency of sound across the full width of your bass. The dynamic response of these pickups allows for a different attack depending on the way you play. And this sound isn’t limited to active instruments, with or without a preamp, you’ll still get deep bass, crisp midrange and round treble that’s a bit of an Aguilar trademark. If you want the sound of the ’60s and ’70s HOT models, try the Jazz Bass Pickups.

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